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Now you can enjoy your nachos with ready delicious Violife just like Cheddar Shreds. A super easy convenient addition to any fridge.

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    Jacksonville, Florida

    Makes the BEST mac & cheese

    • Delicious
    • Melts well
    • Amazing flavor
    • Like the real thing
    • NON
    I went vegan a few years ago and saw UK youtubers raving about how good Violife cheese is. I emailed Violife and asked when they would bring it to US, and I'm so glad they did! You know that it's legit when it tastes delicious straight out of the bag and doesn't require a ton of extra seasonings to make amazing mac & cheese. It's melts really well and there no cons about this product. I also love the cheddar slices for burgers and the mozzarella melted in tomato sauce or on pizza! Need to try all of their other products too! Had to write a review because people need to know how great this product is. As a lactose intolerant person, I will be buying this product as long as you make it till the day I die.